UI / Icon Design

Daily UI is a series of daily Design Challenges that I take to hone my design skills.

Lots of inspirations can be found on Dribbble regarding User Interfaces with charming looks, but as a UX designer, I try to put more thought into usability when practicing. Functions, user behaviors and thoughts are something behind the screen. That’s us, as UX designer, need to take into consideration rather than putting the cart before the horse.

#0 Icons

#1 Sign up

Key points:

Realtime feedback: validate each item once been filled instead of waiting until the end

Provide instructions before users make mistakes

Zoom-in screen when keyboard show up with left-align labels

Highlight text area when typing

Options for less input information: other methods for sign up

#2 Settings

Key points:

Grouping: group content into diffent categories to reduce time consumption for finding information

Clear and right affordances: different buttons indicate different effects after interactions

Security: hide private information and ask for identity check when requesting access.

#3 Music Player


Arrangement of controls and contrast of button size rely on frequency of using.

Change the background colour for different songs might elicit different moods.

#5 My Cart


Provide clear ways to go back, make changes, and proceed the order.

Consider what information consumers would like to check and what action they might take when browsing shopping chart.

#6 Check Out

Key Points

Provide clear ways to go back and forth during the process.

Using breadcrumb to inform where they are and where to go.

Reassure users when personal and bank card information need are being collected.

#7 Success Page


Check relevant Motion Design

Depends on what user has just completed, choose to just provide feedback or with links to other pages.

To Be Continue